eOffice was launched at Kerala Secretariat on 5th March 2014; till date, 1076132 files and 3146056 tapals are created and processed. Citizen interface of eOffice can be used to track Tapal or File status at Secretariat. It also provides the facility to search, view and download all GOs issued from the Secretariat departments.

File/ Tapal search

eOffice is an eGovernance initiative for managing and processing all government documents and files in electronic mode. It was launched at Kerala Secretariat in 2014 and implementation is now being extended to various departments in a phased manner. eOffice citizen interface will provide a single window to track file status at all Government Offices implementing eOffice.

GO Search

eOffice ensures transparency in Government by publishing all documents of Public Interest in the Citizen Interface once the decision has been taken in the file. Government Orders can be searched and viewed through Citizen Interface of eOffice.

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